Home Loans

It’s all about understanding you as our client and realising those dreams you have to purchase a property. If it is buying your first or looking to upgrade, we are all about making dreams come true.

Speak to us today so we can provide you the right solution to meet your needs.

Investment Loans

It’s not all clear sailing when it comes to investment properties.

Whether you are buying an investment property for the first time, or have an existing property portfolio to refinance, we can source the right loan to match your needs from our many Banks and Lenders.

Development Loans

At Piper Loans, we understand property development.

In a very competitive market place with ongoing legislative and economic changes, the astute property developer are looking for ways to make sourcing loans easier and more competitive. We have are ears close to the ground, working closely with our lenders to find the right solutions for our clients.

Speak to us today so we can provide you the right solution to meet your development needs.

Commercial Loans

We have access to specific loans that are designed with flexibility to help achieve your business goals, whether it’s expansion of an existing business or acquiring a new commercial property.

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SMSF Loans

Property is an increasingly popular investment class for Self Managed Super Funds.
We at Piper Loans work very closely with Independent Financial Planners and Accountants to provide clients with tailored Self Managed Super Fund loans.

Personal Loans

At Piper Loans we have access to various personal loan providers.We provide short term personal loans for purposes such as buying a car, home improvements, going on a holiday or even medical expenses. Sometimes bills can be unexpected so it’s important to know that our providers have many options available with quick turnaround times generally within 48 hours.We can also look to refinance or consolidate existing debt by way of personal loans. Is your credit card debt weighing you down? Do you feel like you need one singular payment to bring your finances back into line? We help many of our customers consolidate existing debts and help them get back on that even keel.

Asset Finance

When it comes to growing your business and having the right equipment available, Asset Finance is a great solution for businesses. Choosing the right type of finance can help save you money and time to grow your business. We specialise in Motor Vehicles, Commercial Equipment and Yellow Good financing.
Our providers ensure quick approvals and settlements with competitive fixed rates.